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mks ceramic

mks ceramic

In 1997 Monika Käte Steputh completed a three year apprenticeship as a studio potter in Germany and since then she has participated in further pottery trainings and opened her own studio in Germany/ Baden Württemberg. Monika developed her passion for ash glazes and historical glazes from Japan.
In 2002 she opened her new studio and gallery in the Castle of Waldenburg, a historical building from the 13th Century, place of residence of artists and the family of Hohenlohe -Waldenburg in Germany. She exhibited and participated in national and international competitions and shows in Europe and Japan.

In 2013 she moved 'for good' to Haines Junction and made the Yukon her new home. Creating pottery for the Japanese Tea Ceremony, unique tableware for the pleasure of daily use, sculptures, sinks and garden pottery has been until now Monika's joy and challange.

Monika Steputh loves to create ceramic reflecting the impressions of her journeys. The places that inspired her have been majestic landscapes, like the Yukon; intense experiences, like hiking through the wilderness of Siberia or being immersed into the ocean in a sea kayak.
"... to feel at home and safe within myself where ever I am, continues to be my quest. Through this wisdom I've got the trust that out of my hands a piece of ceramic will grow, that inherently shows its beauty and liveliness."

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Images provided by Johnny Lam