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Paint Mountain Landscaping

Paint Mountain Landscaping

Heiko Haehnsen completed his apprenticeship as a landscape gardener and tree nurser in Baden/Württemberg/ Germany in 1998.
He received extra training in a landscaping business before he established his own business "Gärten & Geomantie" / gardens & geomancy* in 1999.
* Geomancy deals with the Earth's energy fluxes

His company realized garden designs for private business and community requirements. Heiko specialized in stacked dry walls, and his artistic approach to garden design fullfiled also high-end customer expactions.

His experience of more than 15 years running his own garden business went into his first book "Kraftort Garten" / Empowering Your Garden - launched in 2011.
The second book, launched in 2013 "Gestalten mit Natursteinen" / Design with natural stones - is about Heiko´s passion to work and create with rocks.
The third book will be launched this fall 2014 and informs the reader about a customized and balanced garden design specialty with plants and their mytholgy.
This books are available in German language and a translation into English is in consideration.

More informations:

Heiko has been in the Yukon since 2013 and provides to following experience to his clients:

Landscape- planning, -design -architecture

Landscape construction (Raised beds, yard- work, trenching, backhoe service, paving)

Masonry (concrete, plaster, stucco, tiling, natural stone work)

For private, business and community customers 

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