Village of Haines Junction

Shakwak Valley Pool Closure

Built in 1985, the Shakwak Valley Community Pool has played an important role in recreation, relaxation and water safety in our community for decades.

On March 8, 2019, the Village received correspondence from Boge & Boge Engineers stating that they were not in a position “to provide assurance of safe occupancy of the Haines Junction community swimming pool for the 2019 season.”

Further, it was recognised that engineering assessments would be required to determine the extent of repairs necessary to bring the pool up to the current National Building Code standards. A 2013 estimate suggested that the repair costs may be over $2 million. In light of this, the Village has determined that the pool be closed indefinitely.

The Village has been working with the Yukon Government over the last year to draw up design options for a new pool or recreation centre. These plans are expected to go out for public consultation once operating and maintenance costs have been determined.