Village of Haines Junction

Water and Sewer is governed by the following bylaws:

  pdf Bylaw 349 19, Water and Sewer Bylaw (494 KB)

  pdf Bylaw 327 18, Water and Sewer Rates Amendment Bylaw #4 (78 KB)


If you wish to receive your invoice by email, call 634-7100.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit or debit card, online through the Bank of Montreal, CIBC, TD or Scotiabank, or by email transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Water and Sewer

The core area of Haines Junction is fully serviced with water and sewer. The current rates are:

Residential  - $540.00 per year

Commercial - $600.00 per year

Institutional - Public $1320.00 per year

Institutional - Non Public $600.00 per year

Surcharges apply to hotels, motels, laundromats and RV Parks depending on the number of rooms, washing machines and stalls.

Water and Sewer fees are charged one annual invoice payable September 30th of the billing year. All late payments are subject to a penalty of 2% per month.


Bulk Water

Bulk water is available for purchase from the water reservoir with a water card. A $20.00 deposit is payable on the card. Current bulk water rates are:

$0.00225 per litre for  Haines Junction residents
$0.00275 per litre for Non Haines Junction residents and in excess of 3 million litres

There is a minimum billing of $25.00 per quarter and a maximum billing of $95.00 per quarter for residential bulk water customers.

It is not permitted to use water from the truck fill station for commercial-scale road operations, sewer flushing, dust control or any other non-personal use which does not require potable/treated water. Bulk water customers requiring water for these uses are encouraged to acquire it from the Dezadeash River or another untreated water source, up to a maximum of 100m3 per day or as otherwise approved through permit by Environment Yukon.


Interested in how we disinfect our water?   pdf Read all about Water Disinfection in Haines Junction here (314 KB) !

Interested in water conversation?  pdf Download a PowerPoint about Water Conservation in Haines Junction here (1.13 MB) !

If you wish to report a water problem, call 634-5316.