Village of Haines Junction

The Village of Haines Junction provides some contract services, equipment rental and product sales, providing private business is not able or available to provide the service, equipment or product.

Current equipment rates are:

The following contract services include the operator cost.

Large Riding Lawnmower  $60.00/hour 
Small Riding Lawnmower $50.00/hour

Sanding Services - for driveways/parking lots   


The following contract service rates DO NOT include VHJ operator rates - please contact the Village Office to receive an updated quote to include operation costs.

Backhoe                                                         $77.00/hour
Excavator $100.00/hour
Steamer                       $72.00/hour
Sewer Cleaner $150.00/hour
Bucket Truck $70.00/hour
Loader $110.00/hour
Dumptruck $100.00/hour

Equipment operation for the following equipment is the responsibility of the renter.

Power Snake                                                  $35.00/hour 
Hand Snake $30.00/hour
Pumps $50.00/hour 
Light Plant  $35.00/hour
Walk Behind Brush Cutter    $35.00/hour

For Driveways/Parking Lots

Culverts and couplers are also available for purchase. A 20% administration fee is added to all contract services, equipment rentals and products sales. To request a contract service, call 634-7100.

The Village Office provides fax and photocopy services for a minimal fee.