Village of Haines Junction

 Animal control in the Village of Haines Junction is regulated through the pdf Animal Control Bylaw (1.11 MB) . The following are some of the more common fees and regulations from the bylaw.

• Dog tags are issued annually and are $5.00 for spayed/neutered dogs and $25.00 for unspayed/unneutered dogs.

• Tags are required for puppies, but if spayed/neutered within six months of licensing, $20.00 will be rebated.

• A limit of two dogs per property is permitted.

• A dog is considered to be "at large" when it is off the dog owner's property and not under the direct control of the owner.

Fines can be costly, and also apply to dogs from outside the municipality:

Animal at Large  $50.00 
Unlicensed Dog  $25.00 
Impound Fees  $25.00 (first time) 
  $50.00 (second impoundment in 12 month period) 
  $75.00 (further impoundments in 12 month period)
Boarding Fees           

$5.00 per day (weekdays)

  $10.00 per day (weekends)