Village of Haines Junction

Please see below for a list of the Village of Haines Junction's policies. The policies in blue are available for download directly from this website.

If you would like to obtain a policy that is not downloadable from this website, please feel free to contact the Village office at 867 634-7100

VILLAGE OF HAINES JUNCTION - POLICY INDEX                                                                                                                       

Section 1 – Administration
Administration Fees Policy  ADM 004-93
Building Requirements Policy  ADM 010-95
Christmas Bonus Policy  ADM 002-92
Christmas Lights and Decorating Policy  ADM 016-05

(The) Competitive Bidding Process Policy  ADM 007-93
Land Storage Sites for Non Profit Groups, Agencies and Associations Policy  ADM 015-03
Management Policy  ADM 009-95
Managing of Remuneration for Employees of the VoHJ  ADM 013-98
Personnel Policy  ADM 001-92
Public Address System Policy  ADM 008-94
Tangible Capital Assets Policy  ADM 016-09
Tendering Policy – Disposal of Surplus Goods  ADM 005-93
Third Party Equipment Rental Policy  ADM 014-01
Tish Tomlin Scholarship Policy
Travel Policy 
ADM 011-97

Section 2- Protective Services
Ambulance Calls  PS 001-08
Placement of Village Dogs Traps on Private Property Policy  PS 002-13

Section 3 – Recreation & Facilities
Arena Policy  RF 004-94
Electronic Bulletin Board Policy  RF 007-03 
Recreation Facility Maintenance Policy  
RF 001-92
Recreation Facility Rental Policy  RF 003-93
Recreation Programs Administrative Surcharge Policy  RF 006-94
Roller-Blading Policy – Bill Brewster Arena  RF 005-94
Shakwak Valley Community Pool Policy and Procedure Manual  RF 008-99

Section 4 – Finance
Finance Policy  FIN 001-94
Urban Electrification  FIN 002-04

Section 5 – Public Works
Culvert Policy PW 002-97 
Equipment Rental Policy  
PW 001-93

Section 6 – Legislative Services
Legislative Policy Proclamations LEG 001-00

Section 7 – Land & Planning, Community Development
Art Acquisition Policy  CD 001-05

11-15 Winter Maintenance
Winter Snow and Ice Control Policy 11-15