Village of Haines Junction

Council Committees

The structure of local government has broadened in recent years with several active volunteer Council committees that work on recreation, community development and beautification, improvements to the cemetery and the acquisition of artwork for the community. While all committee recommendations must be approved by Council, committees have helped increase community involvement in municipal government. Committee work can be rewarding and is good preparation for persons interested in running for Council.

Most Council Committee terms are for two years so vacancies do arise – please contact Village Administration if you would like to put your name forward for any of the committees listed below.

Community Development Committee

The Community Development Committee was initiated in 2003 and has a mandate to advise Council on matters affecting or enhancing community development, including community physical improvements and community land use planning.

The committee is currently planning future development of the Dezadeash Day Use Area.

pdf Click here to download the list of community projects completed by the CDC (2.40 MB)

Art Acquisition Selection Committee

The Art Acquisition Selection Committee (AASC) was established in November 2005. The mandate of the AASC is to make art more available to residents and visitors by purchasing art, accepting donations, hosting exhibitions and loans, and providing an expanding public collection of art for the benefit of present and future residents and visitors.

pdf Click here to downlo (601 KB) pdf ad a list of art work aquired through the AASC (601 KB)

pdf Click here to download the AASC Brochure (4.74 MB)

Culture, Parks and Recreation Committee

Formed in 1992, this committee makes recommendations to Council on matters affecting recreation and on lottery grant disbursements. The committee helps organize Canada Day, the Garden Competition and the Christmas Lights Competition. In 2008, the committee created the annual Community Recognition Award.

The committee is presently the working committee for the development of a Community Recreation Plan.

You can fill out an online thank you card nomination using a Haines Junction Volunteer Recognition Google Form.

You can download a list of the  pdf past Christmas Lights Contest winners here (154 KB) .

Cemetery Committee

The Cemetery Committee was initiated in October 2003 and has a mandate to advise Council or make recommendations to Council on all aspects of the operation and maintenance of the Haines Junction cemetery.

Since inception, this committee has identified all existing graves, has had a survey of the cemetery completed, and has developed a color coded map to clearly identify occupied, reserved and available plots. Physical improvements have included the construction of a road into the cemetery, a new cemetery shed and the construction of a memorial area with a paving stone platform, benches and 2 large stone carvings. In partnership with the St. Elias Lions Club, untended graves are being maintained and upgraded each year.