Village of Haines Junction

The Village of Haines Junction would like to thank Ashley Swinton, Chantal Pellerin, Dawn Hoover, Derek Wolfe, John Thomas, Marty Samis, and Tatsuya Yamamoto for their amazing photo submissions and participation in this community  engagement activity! 

The Village is thrilled by the level of engagement received through this contest. Members of the community are invited to continue showcasing the amazing culture, landscape, heritage, people, and spirit that make up the Community of Haines Junction. Although this photo contest is now completed, there are still ways for you to share your artwork and skills with the Village and have your work be a part of the Official Community Plan. Below you will find a brief synopsis of the process used to select the winners and the winning photos. 

Photo Review Process

When the Village received a photo submission, all information pertaining to the person who submitted the photo was removed and the photo was a signed a random number for tracking purposes. Information pertaining to the person who submitted each photo  was not shared with the person who evaluated all submissions and ultimately selected the winners. The process was intentionally designed to be anonymous for the evaluator to prevent the potential for bias or unfairness in determining the winners. Additionally, all photo submissions were evaluated by our Official Community Plan Volunteer - Johanna Marglowski.

As noted in the photo contest brief, there were three categories (the number in brackets indicates the number of submissions received): Everyday People (14), Outdoors and Creatures common to Haines Junction (33), and Unique or Interesting Things common to Haines Junction (3).As you may guess, choosing the winning photos were difficult and especially difficult for the Outdoor and Creature category. 

Of the photos submitted, the following were selected as the winners: 

Category: Unique Things of Haines Junction - Submitted by - Derek Wolfe



This photo was selected as the winner in its category for the following reasons: 

A photo of "Our Lady of the Way" Catholic Church showcases the first church built in Haines Junction. It was built by converting an American Army Quonset Hut, which was constructed by for the U.S. Navy at Quonset Point, Rhode Island and became a common sight at military camps. Even though it is not the only Quonset Hut church in the world, it is one of the unique sights one would see when visiting the community and is a featured item along the Alaska Highway in Haines Junction. 


Category - People - Submitted by John Thomas



This photo was selected as the winner in its category for the following reason: 

This photo embodies an activity that is very much part of the cultural fabric of and is synonymous with the Community of Haines Junction, i.e. get-together, song and dance, and bonfire.


Category - Outdoors and Creatures - Submitted by Marty Samis



This photo was selected as the winner in its category for the following reasons: 

This photo beautifully captures the iconic Kluane Mountain Range synonymous with the Community of Haines Junction (The Gateway to Kluane). This photo is also of exceptional quality, composition and lighting. The details captured in this photo were the best of all submissions in the category - capturing the incredible scenic nature and the sign as one enters the Village of Haines Junction.


Honorary Prize -  The next picture embodies all three categories - Submitted by Marty Samis



The Village of Haines Junction has decided to issue an honorary prize in recognization of this incredible photo which fits in all categories of the photo contest. The composition, skills, artistry, and clarity of expression are exceptional. Additionally, the activity (dogsledding) captured in this photo further illustrates some of the history and culture contained not just in Haines Junction but the North. And for these reasons, the Village of Haines Junction decided it was fitting and necessary to present an honorary prize.