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We are seeing a significant increase in COVID-19 in Dakwäkäda/Haines Junction. This is shown in wastewater testing results and is also being reported by staff and Citizens.
It pays to take some easy extra precautions right now to avoid further spread and increased risk to our community and loved ones. COVID-19 is not just a cold. It poses more serious risks, especially to our Elders and most vulnerable.
1. Please keep your vaccines current (this is the best way to prevent the severe form of COVID-19 and other viruses),
2. Protect yourself: wash your hands regularly and wear a mask when gathering with others, and
3. Stay home when you are sick.
Elders: We encourage Elders who test positive for COVID or are feeling sick to contact the health centre, your doctor or the emergency room for medical care. Elders and family members supporting Elders can ask about Paxlovid, which may be an option to help reduce the severity of COVID-19. Learn more at .
Rapid tests, masks and other safety supplies are still available at CAFN offices and community halls.
To book your COVID vaccine:
- In Dakwakada/Haines Junction, please call the health centre at 634-4444 to sign up for the next clinic;
- In Whitehorse please book at
To learn more:
To prevent COVID-19: Please practice CAFN’s Safe 6!

Please stay tuned for current wastewater testing results here:


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