Village of Haines Junction
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Administration has taken the Draft Report titled “Overview of Development in Haines Junction: A report detailing the development processes within the Village of Haines Junction, some deficiencies with the current system and an analysis of the proposed developments on Block 20, Lot 19 and 21 (Bakery)” offline as some components were of a sensitive nature and some felt that it inaccurately portrayed aspects of the situation.

It had been brought to our attention by community members that the Mayor could be in a position of perceived conflict and as a result the Mayor has recused himself from all discussion and decision making in this matter. There was no productive purpose in making all details of this process public, and we apologize for any grief this may have caused.

Council will discuss their expectations for reports to Council going forward with the goal of equitable treatment of all parties involved. Those expectations will inform the final report on this matter.

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