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Budget 2017-2018 Review Narrative

Operation and Maintenance Budget (Bylaw 321 17, 2017 Annual Operating Budget Bylaw)


Capital Budget 2017-2018 (Bylaw 320 17, 2017 Capital Expenditure Budget Bylaw)

Every March the Village of Haines Junction budget is brought to Council for the Municipality of Haines Junction for discussion and approval. As one of the most important documents that comes to the floor, the budget is both large in size and scope, effectively planning resources for the entire organization.  It is a comprehensive look at all expenses, capital projects and revenue streams. The budget is also important because it highlights how community money is spent. Community members entrust their hard earned tax dollars to the Village each year and the responsibility lies with their elected officials to make sure that money is spent wisely.

In return for these fees, community members expect prudent governance, sound land use planning, water and sewer services, recreational facility maintenance, roads, parks and trails maintenance, protective and emergency services, infrastructure building and maintenance. Council has directed that these services be provided on a continuous improvement basis with customer service as a primary focus.

It is understood that Council’s strategic priorities are:

  • Economic Development and Tourism
  • Landfill planning, short, mid and long term
  • Communications and community engagement
  • Recreation Plan implementation
  • Governance and Village Business
  • Committee overhaul
  • Infrastructure

These priorities will guide Council’s Strategic Plan which will then be translated into an organizational tactical plan which will result in work plans for each service delivery area. It is also understood that Council plans to redo the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw in concert with the community and that document will also impact Administrative direction going forward.

The Operations and Maintenance Budget is showing a total revenue amount of $3,172,896.71. This can be categorized as follows:

Taxes: (420 properties)                                                                $670,510.07

Grants in Lieu: (29 properties)                                                   $146,533.14

CMG: (takes out of village residents into account)                    $1,667,904.00

Interest on investments:                                                              $30,000.00

Grants:                                                                                         $161,158.50

EMS Lease:                                                                                  $57,529.00

Surplus Sales:                                                                              $46,500.00

User fees, fines, licenses, etc.:                                                   $340,435.00

Flow through:                                                                              $52,336.00

The budget for 2017/18 is a good budget in that it comfortably covers the cost of doing municipal business for the community of Haines Junction, while including some room for planned growth, committee support and for substantial community planning moving forward.

Municipal Reserves sit at approximately $3.5 Million and our Gas Tax Fund Balance presently sits a $2,267,764.09. That said Asset Management going forward will clearly define our unfunded liability on municipal assets.

A completed Strategic Plan and OCP may incur future costs.

Administrative commitments 2017/18:

  • A concerted Economic Development focus could impact our tax base, requires an emphasis on advertising, promotion and marketing the Haines Junction brand. (brand development outstanding)
  • Focus on potential sharing partnerships and donors.
  • Focus on creative service delivery models.
  • A meeting with Wood Gundy regarding the potential to grow our return on investments. Presently have approximately 3.5Million on reserve.
  • Will also be looking at recirculation options with new infrastructure which could mean LICs.
  • Concerted efforts to make plans grant ready. Grants process has been reactive, not proactive.
  • Core service review, Goal: true costing of services and cost recovery models as per Council direction.
  • Project based work where possible.
  • Service relevant staff training will be a priority across all functions, will be working on training plans for all staff.
  • Revenue stream review with an eye to additional revenue generation where feasible.
  • CBA implementation with a goal of increased service levels to community.
  • Work flow audits for capacity identification, identify efficiencies, and potential areas of waste.
  • Council direction to administration to research incentive/disincentive options for vacant properties

NOTE: Union classification changes and negotiated wage increase year over year:

2016: $704,000.00

2017: $804,000.00

Non-union staff: 2% increase as per CPI

We recognize that it is important that the community realize product for the human resource invested in.

1. Legislative

Mayor and Council:

  • representatives of the public who are responsible for considering the well-being and interests of the community they represent
  • they develop and evaluate the policies and programs of the municipality
  • determine what services the municipality needs
  • ensure public resources are in place to implement the decisions of Council
  • maintain the financial integrity of the community
  • ensure accountability and transparency of all public resource investment
  • as community fiduciaries hold are loyal to the reasonable care of community assets


Revenues have not changed substantially year over year.


Notable changes for Strategic Planning, Asset Management, Infrastructure and OPC open houses.

2. Administration:

CAO, Treasurer, Administrative Assistant:

  • Operationalize Council directives
  • Policy recommendation
  • Clerk function
  • Risk management/mitigation
  • Development
  • Staff and resource management
  • Front desk, reception
  • Accounting, payroll and finance functions
  • Committee support


No substantial changes year over year. Asset Management grant of $40,000.00 available for invoices booked before March 30, 2017.


Council decision required on regionally shared Economic Development position booked at $110,000.00 in 2016.

Council decision required on special events, Canada 150 and Alaska Highway 75th.

New Priorities:

Paid Governance Intern for Policy and Bylaw review and update.

OCP, Zoning Bylaw and mapping redo and upgrades.

Development of an Asset Management Plan.

Ergonomic chairs for Administrative staff.

Storage solutions for maps, plans, files.

EMO planning, will be looking to a joint effort with emergency services providers and YG.

3. Public Works:

Staff and responsibilities: Much of our PW staff are cross trained and therefore work across functions we therefore book wages for PW staff across all functions. The majority of the PW Foreman position is booked in this area and the majority of our certified water and sewer worker’s wages are booked against Water and Sewer. True costing will give a clearer picture of where PW staff investment is.


Surplus auction will occur this year, revenues unrealized in 2016.

Addition of one student position with Public Works

A more concerted effort will be made to recover 2/3 training costs through training trust funds.


Majority of increase on expenses due to salary adjustments as per negotiated CBA.

Allotment to Cemetery ops due to maintenance work requested by Committee Chair.

Kenworth and loader repairs required to maintain present service levels, staff developing a fleet management plan.

4. Water and Sewer:

Staff: Collin Kallio, Dave Hoffman, Jeff Powers

  • Treat and pump all the potable water required by consumers either tied into our system or dependent on our water station: Haines Junction, CAFN, rural residents.
  • Responsible to ensure the water quality is meeting regulations
  • Responsible for sewage treatment
  • Ensures all underground assets are functioning accordingly
  • Lift station maintenance and water main break repair is dealt with by this division.


No substantial change year over year.


Contract services include OPUS and ground penetrating radar.

Lagoon maintenance: this is a discharge year.

5. Roads and Streets:

Responsible for maintaining existing roads, trails and drainage systems all seasons. Responsible for the efficient operation of related machinery.


No substantial change year over year.


Increase due to equipment rental as ditches have not been done for more than 5 years.

Legacy trail bollards as per community request.

6. Landfill and Recycling:

Staff: Brent Behm and Ellen Stutz

Responsible for landfill and recycling center


No substantial change year over year.


Exterior paint as per maintenance requirements.

Security cameras as per Council request-increased level of service in that the front end of the landfill will be open on Mondays.

This area in particular is awaiting committee formation and input to final design.

Also awaiting YG determination on territory wide landfill approach.

7. Protective Services (Dogs)

This is an area presently under review with PW with goal of improved service and community buy-in and education.


Projected revenue increase based on hiring of part time dog catcher.


Projected increase based on trial 6 month part time contract for Dog Catcher.

8. Fire Department:

Budget completed with input from Fire Chief.


No substantial change year over year.


No substantial change year over year.

9. Fire smart


No substantial increase year over year.


No substantial increase year over year.

10. Convention Center:

This is an impressive and highly utilized community gathering center.


Have eliminated municipal offices revenue as was being netted out with expense in Administration.


Painting of the stair railing as it is a focal point in the atrium.

CAFN flag pole.

11. Mezzanine

A highly utilized community gathering center.


Experience a onetime revenue increase because of Op Nanook.


Increase due to elevator repair which came in much lower than anticipated.

12. Hall and curling rink:

Closed, awaiting community and Council direction. Ground Penetrating Radar performed on foundation and immediate surrounding lands.

Has become a storage facility, concerns regarding mold and staff exposure.

13. Pool:


Late start in 2016 season caused a decrease in revenues.


Will have 2 staff on at all times, 7 days/week.



Capital Expenditures Budget

Please note that very few capital expenditures have been made by the Village of Haines Junction over the past 5 years. As a result this year is a capital intense year.


2012      $1,773,074.00

2013      $2,495,268.00

2014      $3,004,578.00

2015      $3,434,055.00

Major infrastructure investments planned for Haines Junction over the next 5 years.

In 2015 the AASC budget allocation was $33,433.46 calculated on the total O&M budget revenue amount of $3,343,346.97

The actual revenue amount was $3,044,429.32

Amounts included in this total but not actual cash received or defined “repetitive” revenue:

-          Local Improvement Charge (Water & Sewer debenture payment) $24,836.00

-          RED contribution (one-off funding) at $9,045.00

-          Seniors (flow through for wages and telephone) $7,010.47

-          Groundwater monitoring flow through of $8,739.17

-          Convention Center/office lease JE $25,000.00

-          Fire hall lease JE $35,000.00

TOTAL: $109,630.64

Actual “received” revenues $2,934,798.68x1%=$29,347.98

For a difference of $4,085.48


Allocated $33,000.00 based on budget revenue of $3,368,530.34

Actual $3,121,993.97

Less $137,433.74 non-cash or non-repetitive


Difference of $3,154.40

Contact Information

The Village of Haines Junction
Box 5339
Haines Junction, Yukon
Canada Y0B 1L0
phone: (867)634-7100
fax: (867)634-2008