Village of Haines Junction
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Household Waste

& Recycling

Beginning Monday March 13th

The Household Waste Drop-off (Compacter) & Recycling sheds will now be accessible on Mondays from 9 am until 3:30 pm.

Landfill users will be able to drop off their household waste into the compactor as well as their recyclables.

This includes access to all the recyclable’s shelters the free store, as well as the oil, battery, paint drop-off station that is now located beside the Free Store.

(There will be NO access to the rear of the Landfill or Refundables accepted.)                                                                                                                              



Posted March 10, 2017

Contact Information

The Village of Haines Junction
Box 5339
Haines Junction, Yukon
Canada Y0B 1L0
phone: (867)634-7100
fax: (867)634-2008