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The Thank You Card Campaign

The Culture, Parks and Recreation Committee completed the Haines Junction Recreation plan in 2014. Part of that plan asked us to investigate new ways of thanking volunteers in our community. Over the past 24 years, the CPR committee has tried numerous ways to thank volunteers. We heard through the recreation planning process that, in general, volunteers don't want a big celebration or award for their efforts -- most of the time a simple "thank you" is the best form of gratitude. Drawing on this wisdom, the CPR Committee launched the "thank you card campaign" at Canada Day 2016. Around town, you may have noticed little blue boxes with postcards attached. You may have also received one in your Canada Post mailbox (unless you opt out of junk mail.) These postcards are simple to fill out and ask just a few questions about the volunteer you want to nominate. The CPR Committee will then collect the postcards and write a simple thank you card to the volunteer you nominated. The end result is that people who do volunteer work in this community will randomly receive a thank you card from the CPR Committee at some point during the year. The arrival of the card will be unexpected and we hope it will serve to express our gratitude, as community members, for all of the little things that we all do to contribute to this amazing town. 

The success of this program will ultimately be told by the residents of Haines Junction. We hope that everyone uses the cards to express gratitude to those you see making a difference in this community. As of today, the Nomination Postcards are available at The Little Green Apple, TD Bank, The Village of Haines Junction Administrative Office and the Champagne and Aishihik Administrative Building. Alternatively, you can fill out a nomination form online at:

We will evaluate the success of this program over the coming year and we looking forward to hearing from the residents of Haines Junction as we test this pilot program.

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