Village of Haines Junction
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The Village of Haines Junction would like to thank the community for its patience during the snow removal after last week's heavy snowfall.

The Village of Haines Junction has a Winter Snow and Ice Control Policy that regulates the winter maintenance of its roadways in order to ensure timely and efficient snow removal. The following are the general priorities for snow plowing and sanding operations within the municipality:

Priority #1

  • Main Roads - Martin Street and Bates Street (Health Centre)
  • EMS Building
  • School Zone Areas

Priority #2

  • All other Roads
  • Municipal Offices and Facilities, and Municipal Parking Lots

Priority #3

  • Pathways and Alleyways

Please note that, as a general rule, removal of the windrows of snow that amass across private driveways and entrances as a result of plowing operations are not included in the Village's snow removal services. However, if you are 65 years of age or older, or if you have a defined disability, you may be eligible for the Village of Haines Junction's windrow removal service. In order to receive this service, a completed application form must be submitted to the Village for approval. Application forms can be downloaded here or are available for pickup from the Village Office. Please note that this service is not available if there is a younger able person living at the residence.

A copy of the Winter Snow and Ice Control Policy can be downloaded here. If you have any questions about this policy or the windrow removal service for seniors and persons with disabilities, please do not hesitate to contact the Village Office.

Contact Information

The Village of Haines Junction
Box 5339
Haines Junction, Yukon
Canada Y0B 1L0
phone: (867)634-7100
fax: (867)634-2008